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You know what blows? The kinda stuff people post on Pinterest. You know what doesn't blow? The idea of a social tagboard like Pinterest, only with stuff you actually care about. Enter ThrillOn, a social sharing site geared towards the globe-trotting, "GoPro" set.At its most basic, ThrillOn is a tidy way to discover, capture, curate, and share the things you love to do and the gear you need to do them, assuming that the things you love are stuff like skiing, surfing, scuba, and base jumping.Whether you're a jetsetter or someone who sits at their desk lonesomely dreaming of being that cool, ThrillOn lets you create inspirational bucket lists that you can actually check off as you accomplish your dreams. Parkour in the park? Check.Since half the fun of hitting Tsaina Lodge and heli-skiing the Chugach is gearing-up for the trip, you can create gear boards to organize the equipment you need/want before you go. And because it also lets you make public boards about recent adventures, gear tests, or whatever, it's just like Pinterest in that it's also a good way brag about what you've done. Grab a Baja Blast and get X-treme with their promo vid: