Laws you're already breaking overseas

What do chewing gum and wearing a bikini have in common? Liiiiike, they both can totes get you arrested abroad! So before you travel and twirl you hair while smacking Bubblicious, be sure to read up on these irregular international laws so your next vacation doesn't end in, like, jail.

8. Wearing camo in Barbados
Curious why no episode of Duck Dynasty has ever featured the Caribbean island? Their signature threads are a nationwide no-no, so leave your beiges and browns (and green and olives) at home.

7. Chewing gum on public transportation in Singapore
For a law that most would possibly agree with (except fans of any show on the WB), riding on any mass transit while smacking away will land you a seat in a Singapore slammer. This is a mint country, people; Big League Chew is for savages.

6. Not wearing underwear in Thailand
If you arrive in the "Land of Smiles" sans skivvies, head immediately to one of the overly air-conditioned shopping malls and boxer-up. Going commando here is an offense, be ye plumber or be ye pleb. Just how this law is enforced we're not quite sure.

5. Wearing high heels in ancient Greece
If you find yourself touring the Parthenon with a lady friend, tell her it's flats or bust, as she won't be able to gain access to the Acropolis in heels. According to the Greek government, stilettos can damage more than just her calf muscles.

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4. Going shirtless (or wearing a bikini top) off the beach in Barcelona
Your trip to the Spain will get rather Messi if you don't cover it up once you trade sand for asphalt. Have some decency!

3. Smoking tobacco in Bhutan
Although not regularly enforced, this Himalayan Kingdom became the first country in the world to outlaw smoking and selling tobacco. That didn't stave off a nicotine-addled black market, so the law was amended to allow for the sale of heavily taxed cancer sticks.

2. Going topless in Fiji
This island nation is not at all interested in seeing exposed lady breasts. We may be, but they are not. So keep 'em covered, gals. You're welcome.

1. Feeding the pigeons in St. Mark's Square
Venice is sinking... under the tremendous weight of pigeon crap covering the Piazza San Marco. Feed those avian vermin, and you'll find yourself in a much smaller square, also known as a cell block.

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