The Top 10 Stoner Vacation Spots

Pot-heads may stress less than most, but even stoners deserve a break from it all. That said, traveling means separation from trusted dealers, and even if a score comes easy, a dime bag’ll earn you the death sentence in some places (“I didn’t think drugs and alcohol were such a big deal they had to resort to Neo-McCarthyism”). So where should would-be tokers be taking their next vacation? Head to one of the following marijuana meccas…

Prague, Czech Republic, graffiti
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Prague, Czech Republic
The Czechs have the most liberal drug laws in Europe. Just about everything is decriminalized; as long as you’re carrying no more than half an ounce of pot, a gram of cocaine, two grams of speed, or five LSD tabs, you’re good to go, traveler. And if you’ve got all of the above in your fanny pack, you're really livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.
Average cost of a gram: $13.00

Bob Marley, Kingston, Jamaica
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Kingston, Jamaica
Although it's officially illegal, the cannabis leaf is the unofficial national emblem of Jamaica. Visitors wanting to pass the dutchie pon the left-hand side can sign up for pot-sampling tours, following in the footsteps of Mr. Marley. But before you begin, be prepared to smoke a spliff in front of your tour guide to prove you're not a narc.
Average cost of a gram: $1.40

Fighting for the right to smoke marijuana in Canada
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Toronto and Vancouver, Canada
Our neighbors to the north can enjoy a smoke without the Mounties riding in to ruin their high. Although it's actually illegal to carry pot without a medical certificate, police will generally turn a blind eye if you're caught with less than a quarter ounce. In the country’s two largest cities, you'll find a number of Amsterdam-stye cafes where you can enjoy a doobie with your dinner. Don't expect to be able to order off the menu though; weed is strictly BYO.
Average cost of a gram: $12.70

Nimbin, Australia, MardiGrass
Nimbin Mardi Grass

Nimbin, Australia
Pot is decriminalized in the capital, Canberra, but high times Down Under also occur on the regular in Nimbin -- a little town in the mountains of northern New South Wales. Hippies moved here back in the '60s, and most of them got too baked to ever leave. It’s home to the annual MardiGrass festival, which includes a Hemp Olympics with competitive events such as “Speed Rolling”, “Bong Throwing”, and the “World Stoned Chess Championship”, mate.
Average cost of a gram: $22.90

Cusco, Peru
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Cusco, Peru
This is where people stop to get baked before visiting Machu Picchu. Cusco has a heaving nightlife, and a relaxed attitude towards bloodshot eyes. It's legal to carry small amounts of pot in Peru, so the cops aren't likely to hassle you. Beware the dealers though; they've been known to make off with tourists' money and never return with the goods.
Average cost of a gram: $20.00

Christiana, Copenhagen, Denmark

Christiania, Denmark
Weed is illegal in Denmark, but Christiania -- a hippy commune right in the center of Copenhagen -- has declared itself an independent nation, so it's all good! Except on very rare occasions when the cops raid. Along the main street in Christiania's “Green Light District” is a farmer's market with a choice selection of buds, brownies, and huge, fudgy slabs of hash. Just make sure you don't take any photos -- the farmers are extremely camera shy.
Average cost of a gram: $13.50

Barcelona, Spain, on the beach
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Barcelona, Spain
"Cerveza! Coca Cola! Agua! Hashish!" Hit the beach in Barcelona and you'll hear this mantra chanted by local pushers as they tread the sands. Not surprisingly, our delivery guy’ll also hook you up with cold drinks, ice cream, and possibly his wife's homemade tortillas. Be careful where you smoke, though; police usually turn a blind eye to suspicious smells wafting around the beaches and parks, but if you light up in a bar they’ll know “someone’s tokin’ some reefer”.
Average cost of a gram: $5.00

Rally for the legalization of marijuana in the USA
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The good ole U.S.A.
Too stoned to fill out a passport application? No problem man, take a domestic smokecation, now available in 17 states! For an apple pie high in a decriminalized pot destination, check out Seattle, Washington; Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; and Oakland, California (also known as Oaksterdam). “Marijuana on one. Reefer on two”.
Average cost of a gram: $10 (varies greatly)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Russian Market
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Not to be confused with neighboring Thailand, where a bag of grass could see you jailed for twenty to life, Cambodia doesn't really give a crap if you're stoned, drunk, or just being your ugly American self, so long as you're spending money. Treat yourself to a joint from around $1.50 at seedy bars, or sample the local delicacy “Happy Pizza”. But remember, weed is technically illegal here, so bribe money will come in handy should a cop take an interest in your smoke-shield.
Average cost of a gram: $4.00

Amsterdam, Red Light District, Netherlands
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Amsterdam, the Netherlands
As the world's best-known stoner destination, at least one in three visitors to Amsterdam orders something green off the menu in a cannabis cafe. But the Netherlands recently passed a law which almost banned pot sales to tourists; thankfully, local jurisdictions were given the choice whether or not to enforce the law, and the good people of Amsterdam -- who make a living off those wasted tourists -- said a big "hell no". Bong on!
Average cost of a gram: $7.50