2015's Top Google Travel Search Questions, Answered

Published On 12/16/2015 Published On 12/16/2015

You can tell a lot about a person by their Google search history. Just ask that ex who discovered "Star Trek role-playing" in your browser while looking up movie listings. But embarrassing fetishes aside, people search for some pretty random stuff, and the travel world is no different.

Want to know how random? Well, the good folks at Google just released a list of this year's MOST-ASKED travel-related questions (in no particular order) from across the country. And as a service to our intrepid readers, we answered the top 10.

Where is Disneyland?

Disneyland lives in the hearts of children all over the world. It’s also in Anaheim, California. (Remember, it's Disney WORLD that's in Florida; and if you're going, here are our best Disney hacks.) Once you’ve mastered that little bit of trivia, though, you'll want to read these 30 other things you didn’t know about Disneyland, some cool secrets you can annoy people with, and the absolute worst people you’ll find there.

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What to do in Albuquerque?

Well, let's start with what NOT to do in Albuquerque. And that's throw a pizza on Walter White’s roof. But if you’re dead set on taking a Breaking Bad tour, here are a ton of sites from the show you can visit. Also, if you’re Bugs Bunny, for the love of God download Waze or something so you don’t keep missing that damn turn.

What to pack for Cancun?

Other than your swim trunks? You know, possibly sunscreen, bottled water, and condoms. Or if you’re over 30 and crashing spring break, a believable backstory. Before you go though, read up on nearby islands you can visit while you're there and commit these 14 weird facts about Mexico to memory -- you know, to impress everybody in the hot tub.

When is whale-watching season in San Diego?

Easy, from mid-December through April. And even though it’s a big item on anyone’s San Diego bucket list, it’s still so cool that when TV reporters see a whale, they totally lose their shit.

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What airport is ORD?

It's Chicago O'Hare. Also known as the most delayed airport in the nation with the third-worst security wait times. That said, it is home to an outpost of Rick Bayless' famed sandwich shop Tortas Frontera, perhaps the single greatest airport restaurant in the country. And when you're no doubt stuck in ORD this holiday season, here are 11 helpful hacks to make the most of it. After you've eaten a sandwich, of course.

What to do in St. Louis?

Other than see that cool arch and watch a Cardinals game from a hotel roofdeck that looks down on Busch Stadium, not much. There’s always the delectable cracker-thin St. Louis-style pizza. But if gooey cheese on saltines isn’t your jam, visit Frank and Helen’s Pizzeria (one of the 33 best pizzerias in America) or Perennial Artisan Ales, the best craft brewery in Missouri. There's also a world-renowned ballet company, and some other brewery people have been known to visit.

What to do in Missoula, Montana?

See? We TOLD you it was one of the hottest (figurative) cities in the country. And Google backs us up! What now, non-Missoula believers! Sadly, aside from the breweries, distilleries, and restaurants we already mentioned in that story, we had to Google that one too. But what we didn’t have to Google is why the relatively nearby towns of Whitefish and Bozeman are so damn great. We tell you that, here.


Where is Yellowstone National Park?

Admittedly, this is confusing since it sits in three states (Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho) and there are actually still people who believe it’s called “Jellystone.” But America’s best national park is worth all the geographic confusion, even if black bears will chase you down.

What is a boutique hotel?

Let's be honest, “boutique” has become such an overused euphemism for “small” that we’re collectively about a step away from referring to bodegas as “boutique grocery stores.” But yes, it generally refers to a small(ish) -- as in fewer than 150 rooms -- hotel with personalized concierges and amenities. For example, these 50 qualify (and are the best in every state), but it could also be a hotel on the top of a crane in Amsterdam or a sprawling Mexican resort where you take a total stranger you met on the Internet

What to do in Louisiana?

Guaranteed that 90% of the people querying this JUST got stationed at Fort Polk in Leesville, LA, the least-desirable military town in America. Gotta be, right? Or maybe it's folks who don’t realize what state New Orleans is in or aren’t that keen on hiking in Chicot State Park. But, to answer the question: here are some cool things you can do there for $10 or less and 11 other hikes you can take around the state.

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