Want to breathe underwater like James Bond? Of course you do!

Published On 01/22/2014 Published On 01/22/2014

How many times have you been swimming with weird fish in crystal-clear Caribbean waters, only to be forced to the surface by your stupid, inefficient lungs? SO many times, probably. James Bond never had that problem in Thunderball -- he used a sweet "rebreather" that allowed him to beat the tar out of aquatic henchmen indefinitely. Unfortunately, that kinda travel gear only exists in movies, right? Well, yes, but we're not that far off.

Jeabyun Yeon

Say hello to Triton -- dreamed up by South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon, this nifty little mouthpiece claims to use artificial gills (those handlebar-looking things on the sides) to separate the good, breathable oxygen from the bad, drownable water.

Jeabyun YEon

Here's a mockup of the Triton; we've yet to see any evidence it actually works, so it's an idea in progress. And considering the tiny amount of oxygen this thing'd pull in, we're guessing it might replace your snorkel, rather than your deep dive gear. Still! 

Jeabyun Yeon

Look! It comes in blue and black!

If this thing ever gets mass produced, or turns out to be anything more than a designer's wet dream (get it?), you can bet your ass we'll be staging our own Thunderball reenactment -- spearguns included.

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