Speak & understand virtually any language

Published On 03/20/2013 Published On 03/20/2013

Because going abroad/to the Appalachians can leave you struggling with local dialects, Germany's Linguatec slapped together an alarmingly sci-fi-like app that'll translate pretty much anything anyone says into perfect English, then convert your reply into the same tongue.

The process is simple: select a language pair (so basically English and any one of 65 other options), speak or type into the phone, and it'll instatly provide the translated text and vocalize it

It also has Siri-like speech recognition for about half of said languages, meaning it can translate a spoken reply right back. Of course, the only person who will hear it will be the ruffian you handed your iPhone to, as he runs down a back alley. Damn you, street urchins

To make sure the pronunciation's on-point, they provide multiple "speakers" who account for various dialects (the British pair's named "Will and Kate", so hopefully they can still understand the common tongue). And it's Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can connect two phones for a more seamless convo.



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