Treebones Resort Big Sur

If you've never been "glamping in a yurt", you've clearly never been to the Treebones Resort on the rocky coastline of Big Sur California. Then again, they also have a "human nest", and you probably haven't been in one of those, either. So read on!Here's the layout of the resort, with 16 yurts, 5 campsites, two restroom facilities, and one owner's home.These large, circular, fabric-walled abodes all have a redwood deck and spectacular coastal views.Inside your yurt you'll have a heater, electric lighting, a hot & cold sink vanity, and queen-sized beds. Way to rough it!If you're not hurt'n for a yurt'n, bring your own tent, or crash at the Sibley Tent Campsite w/ one provided. Those tents are named after their inventor, Henry Sibley, who based his model on the Indian teepee.One of the odder accommodations they offer is the Human Nest, a woven wood structure that's accessible by ladder, and has a full-sized futon mattress "perched" inside it. If you don't want someone to baby bird you food in your nest, hit up the cozy lodge's "Wild Coast" restaurant, and then take an afternoon soak in the heated pool & hot tub.Or park it at the outdoor sushi bar, where the sunset views are "to die for". Especially if you're a tasty fish.They also offer sea kayaking in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, where you and your guide will paddle out and hang w/ local wildlife including sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, whales, and dolphins. And thankfully no human centipedes.

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