Get Your Dinner Delivered by Zipline in This Treehouse Restaurant

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Your childhood treehouse was pretty sweet at the time, but it sorely lacked three essentials for continued cool: girls, booze, and meals that didn’t consist of Funyuns and Mountain Dew.

Well, at the luxurious Soneva Kiri eco-resort on the remote Thai island of Kood, you can have everything you missed out on as a kid -- and get your dinner delivered on a zipline.

Soneva Kiri

In a eucalyptus tree 26 feet above the ancient Koh Kood rainforest, the simple steel-and-woven-rattan Treepod can seat four, and boasts epic views of the ocean. And probably a Vick's VapoRub smell, given the eucalyptus.

soneva kiri

While you’ll be comfortably hoisted into the canopy inside a basket-like, pulley-and-lever contraption, your waiter will accomplish incredible feats by bringing you food and drinks via the aforementioned zipline.

zipline waiter
soneva kiri

You should totally order the soup. Or maybe a seafood tower, just to really test your server's sense of balance.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and may have once killed an apple tree while building a treehouse. Follow her @Sohostyle

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