An enormous water park in the world's largest freestanding dome

Tropical Islands Main Image

Containing more European banana hammocks in one room than anywhere else on the continent, Tropical Islands is a monstrous beach & waterpark just south of Berlin located inside a defunct airplane hanger that just happens to be the largest free-standing hall in the world. In fact, it's so massive that the Statue of Liberty could easily stand inside of it, but instead they unpatriotically filled it with theme park rides, restaurants, & bars

The Dome: this gigantasaurus was originally built in 2000 for an airplane company that soon went belly-up, opening up room for many a belly flop.

The Slides: the slideage goes as high as 90 ft, and the crown jewel is a pitch black, high-speed turbo slide that rocket folks at speeds of up to 70kph. That's 44mph in 'Merican

Tropical SeasAt 200 meters long, this is the perfect place to relax next to the water on the fake beach

Bali Lagoon The only creatures you'll find in this slightly mysterious grotto (with waterfall!) are the kind that also enjoy their submerged water slides and hidden whirlpools

Bumper Cars, Bumper Boats & Mini CarsStaying dry on the bumper & mini cars might be a possibility, but good luck on the bumper boats, as they sport huge water cannons

African Jungle LiftThis theme-park-like ride launches riders into the air and mercilessly swings them back and forth in what looks like a giant tree trunk, which is exactly what all those Europeans must have to pull off Speedos.

Tropical Islands Dome
Tropical Islands Waterslides
Tropical Islands Beach
Tropical Islands Lagoon
Tropical Islands Bumper Boats
Tropical Islands African Lift
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