TSA All Day: The best gear to get you through security

Published On 10/21/2013 Published On 10/21/2013

Let's face it: unless you're that really weird, super-confident guy who decided to protest the TSA by getting completely naked, you're probably going to begrudgingly go through the airport security motions like everyone else... shoes off, laptop out, trying desperately to grab a second bin before some person behind you up-streams it, etc. With that in mind, we've gone ahead and curated a great-looking list of TSA-friendly items that'll get you from terminal to tarmac in no time at all...

The key to success with a duffel is making sure it has enough room for staples like headphones, an iPad, and clothes that'll get you through a successful weekend jaunt. A second key to success with a duffel is not packing it with weapons and drugs.

Zip It Up, Zip It Out: 1. Of All Threads Heather Zip Hoodie 2. Ben Sherman 4-Pack Solid Socks 3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers

How many more times does it need to be said? Comfort is king. Remember when Lt. Dan told Forrest and Bubba that the key difference to a live grunt and a dead grunt was socks? Well, in the director's cut he also briefly mentions that the key aspect of blasting through the TSA line are an easy-off pair of Chucks and a quick-zip hoodie... or at least, someone said he did this one time.

Props On The Dopps: 1. Timberland Canvas Travel Kit 2. Wolf Designs Men's Manicure Set

A systematically organized piece of luggage is almost always going to fly through the scanner quicker than a haphazardly thrown together bag any day. The same holds true for your look. Ensure you'll look as good as you feel after breezing through security with a super scanner-friendly Dopp kit.

Don't Sweat It: 1. Arsnl Fitted Triblend Jogger 2. Arsnl Fitted French Terry Jogger

Most of the time, wearing sweatpants in public is wholly inappropriate... most of the time. That time is not now. Ditch the stained gray Russell's and opt for a stylish upgrade, with a pair of fitted joggers that'll have you running laps around everyone who thought they were making a statement by sporting that chain wallet.



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