The TSA Got to Confiscate Some Truly Ridiculous Shit This Summer

Published On 09/30/2016 Published On 09/30/2016
Blood stained machetes | TSA/Instagram
Stun cane | TSA/Instagram
Dog-shaped weapon | TSA/Instagram
Chainsaw | TSA/Instagram
Texas Chainsaw Massacre prop | TSA/Instagram
Batarangs | TSA/Instagram
Lipstick stun gun | TSA/Instagram
Stripper heels made of guns and ammo | TSA/Instagram
Oversized liquor filled with endangered seahorses | TSA/Instagram
Anti-tank landmine | TSA/Instagram
Impaler cane | TSA/Instagram
Marijuana taped to knives | TSA/Instagram
Jaw bone tomahawk | TSA/Instagram
Grenades | TSA/Instagram
Grenade trailer hitch | TSA/Instagram
Grenade marijuana grinders | TSA/Instagram
Hello Kitty pistol | TSA/Instagram
Climbing pick | TSA/Instagram
Crossbow and shovel | TSA/Instagram



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