Heli-ski and heli-fish in Alaska's Chugach Mountains

With harsh winters and rugged terrain that can crush a man's soul, Alaska is that ungodly type of paradise that man must endure to enjoy. Unless you talk to the folks behind Tsaina Lodge, an old, podunk heli-skiing shack that was gutted and rebuilt to include five-star dining, personal masseuses, and all the haute amenities any world-class luxury adventure resort should have. Situated off Prince William Sound atop Thompson Pass, and debuting its first summer season in 2013, the 24-room "lodge" is thoroughly cosmopolitan.That "five-star" house resto has some serious views of the peaks.Savor gourmet, locally-sourced grub. And also, sushi! Apparently the bar at this former heli shack was legendary, and they modeled the new one to be just like it......only with way more craft beer. They also have places for you to sleep, which is good, because you'll need your rest.In the summer, you can take this...... to do this. And come winter you can take this...... to do this.These glaciers are vanishing (probably because of a massive demand for bottled glacier water or something), so sea kayak through them while you can.And if you aren't busy fishing, skiing, or kayaking, feel free to hike the Chugach National Forest backcountry, ice-climb a glacier, go white water rafting, or say "f*** it" and just sit around Tsaina drinking beers and getting rubdowns.