The 17 Best Rivers in America for Tubing + Drinking

Updated On 06/29/2018 at 03:45PM EST Updated On 06/29/2018 at 03:45PM EST
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San Marcos River, Texas | CHAD WADSWORTH
Ginnie Springs, Florida | Stacey Lynn Payne/shutterstock
San Marcos River Headwaters, Texas | Chad Wadsworth
James River, Virginia | Virginia State Parks/flickr
Truckee River, Nevada | Desiree Chamblee
Meramec River, Missouri | Ozark Outdoors
Snoqualmie River, Washington | Tyson Gillard/courtesy of Outdoor Project
Guadalupe River, Texas | FLICKR/DUSTINLARIMER
Shenandoah River, West Virginia | Kevin Harber/flickr
Yampa River, Colorado | Michelle Dimucci/EyeEm/getty images
Cahaba River, Alabama | JS.Raines Photo/shutterstock
Chipola River, Florida | Chipola River Tubing
Apple River, Wisconsin | Apple River Hideaway Somerset
American River, California | American River Raft Rentals
Ichetucknee River, Florida | Florida State Parks
Comal River, Texas | In New Braunfels
rainbow river, florida | Peter Titmuss/shutterstock
Niobrara River, Nebraska | NEBRASKAland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission