Ultra-limited edition: the Sydney Opera House-inspired camper

Behold, one of the greatest tent/campers that the fat lady ever sang for -- The Opera, from a pair of Dutch designers who took their inspiration directly from Sydney's most iconic building. Sadly, it's no longer in production, but the truly determined can get hold of one, thanks to a sizeable "select community of enthusiasts". What's so good about it? Let's take a look:The unit is completely portable and can be pulled by most small to medium-sized sedans with towing capability. When you find the prefect camping spot, bring it to an Alto, and...... the full experience begins as Opera self-extends within minutes, from trailer-cocoon, to full-on Madame Butterfly, complete with tent and a teak veranda.Once the tent goes up, you'll see two electrically-adjustable beds that can combine to form a larger sleeping surface if you want to get super cozy under the stars. Forget about foraging for firewood to cook the trout you just caught -- this sucker also features an outdoor kitchen w/ two-ring burner, barbecue & cutting board. There's also a top-loading refrigerator to keep your brews cold, and a stainless steel sink.When luxury camping, there's no need to take a shower in the nearest stream, or crap behind a tree. It also features a chemical toilet and a Corian fountain with a pull-out hand shower faucet. All clean.Despite the lack of mass-production, the company is still open to being contacted regarding the specs, working with international investors, and possibly even building one for the right price -- and there's always the possibility of getting one second hand. Check out this video slideshow of Opera behind the scenes and on the

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