The world’s most incredible underwater hotel rooms

If you’re a bit of an exhibitionist, flattered by the occasional voyeur, and happy to be the center of attention -- or simply want to indulge in James Bond-like fantasies of secret, underwater lairs -- then we know where you'll be checking in on your next vacay, Aquaman.

Manta resort underwater room from above
Photographer Anhede

6. The Manta Resort -- Pemba Island, Zanzibar
Now open: Africa’s first underwater hotel room. Okay, "hotel room" might be a slight understatement, as this place is more like a three-story private island: Catch rays on the top deck’s cushy daybed, chill out in the dining/ living area on the water deck, and sleep with the fishes.
Depth: 13ft
Rate: $1,500/nt for two, $900/nt for one
Most exotic fish that'll stare disapprovingly at you through the glass: The coelacanth -- a rare, endangered, and totally scary-looking fish that hasn't been caught since 2007. In fact, prior to that, one hadn't even been seen since 1938.

Sleeping person, fish
Photographer Anhede

Manta makes "sleeping with the fishes" way less Mobster-y and scary sounding.

Manta underwater room, bottom
Photographer Anhede

Sebastian the crab was onto something when he sang, "everything's better, when it is wetter, under the sea".

Ithaa Undersea restaurant transformed into bedroom
Conrad Global Media Center

5. Hilton's Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort -- Rangali Island, The Maldives
On very special occasions, this resort transforms its all-glass, underwater, 12-seater Ithaa Undersea Restaurant -- the world's first -- into a private bedroom suite for two.
Depth: 16ft
Rate: $815/nt
Most exotic fish that'll stare disapprovingly at you through the glass: That would be the whale shark, sizing you up for dinner. Just kidding! Dude's totally harmless.

Conrad Global Media Center

You too can have the most romantic and not at all uncomfortable looking night of your life.

Ithaa Undersea food
Conrad Global Media Center

Obviously, the food needs to match its stylish surrounds.

Utter Inn
Sweden's Art & Architecture FB

4. Utter Inn -- Västerås, Sweden
Designed by artist and sculptor Mikael Genberg, the Utter Inn is really an art project: Guests are dropped off at a typically Swedish-style mini house on the water's surface, then left to their own devices. Literally a reverse fishbowl, the 80sqft, single-room property is nothing but two twin beds, a table, a bathroom, and a camping stove.
Depth: 10ft
Rate: Around $167/nt
Most exotic fish that'll stare disapprovingly at you through the glass: This ain’t the tropics -- expect perch and pike, and lots of ‘em.

Women in Jules' Undersea Lodge
Jules' Undersea Lodge

3. Jules’ Undersea Lodge -- Key Largo, FL
Formerly the La Chalupa Research Laboratory, used in the '70s to explore the continental shelf, it's now one of Florida’s kitschiest attractions (and that's saying something). The only way to access the 600sqft, two-bedroom guesthouse is by scuba diving to its wet-room hatch.
Depth: 30ft
Rate: The $800 "JUL for Two" package covers a night's stay, and includes pizza delivery. We're not even making that up.
Most exotic fish that'll stare disapprovingly at you through the glass: Let’s just say you'd best start learning the words to “Barra-barracuda!”.

Underwater Bedroom
Poseidon Undersea Resorts

2. Poseidon Undersea Resort --Katafinga Island, Fiji
Currently under construction, this five-star resort will feature 22 guest rooms, an underwater restaurant and bar, a library, conference room, wedding chapel, and spa, and will be accessible exclusively via 16-person submarine that you can learn to drive while a guest.
Depth: 40ft
Rate: Register online to be notified when the resort begins taking reservations, which are a mere $30,000/wk per couple
Most exotic fish that'll stare disapprovingly at you through the glass: Fiji is teeming with tropical marine life, so be on the lookout for blue whales, bottlenose dolphins, wahoo (!), and colorful clownfish.

Poseidon Rendering
Poseidon Undersea Resorts

Saltwater goldfish? Interesting choice for this rendering.

Poseidon Rendering
Poseidon Undersea Resorts

If this isn't the next Bond villain's digs, we don't know what is.

Hydropolis rendering

1. Hydropolis -- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The opening of the much-delayed Hydropolis has been postponed indefinitely due to technical difficulties, but with an expected price tag of around $550 million dollars, the first proposed underwater hotel in the world may eventually prove to be the most expensive.
Depth: 65ft
Rate: N/A. Guessing it's a lot though, as the proposed property modestly claims it'll be 10-star.
Most exotic fish that'll stare disapprovingly at you through the glass: Hawksbill and Green turtles, both endangered, may pay you a visit.

Hydropolis rendering, bedroom

The second this place is real we'll challenge anyone to a submarine race to the bottom.

Hydropolis rendering

Is it just us or did the Jetson's come up with this first?