Finnair wants you to get naked with your seatmate

If you've ever walked up to the gate to catch a flight, looked around at your fellow passengers and thought, "Oh yea, I'd definitely like to see some of these people naked", well consider this your lucky day, friend. Also, you might be kind of creepy.

Yes, assuming you're flying Finnair out of Helsinki, you may have the distinct pleasure of shvitzing with your plane-mates in the airline's new unisex sauna. It's scheduled to open in the premium lounge this August.

blonde in sauna

As Finland is home to five million people and apparently two million saunas, having one in the airport seems like a natural fit. While saunas in Finland are usually taken naked, Finnair subtly suggests the use of towels, but doesn't require it.


The lounge, which also boasts new private showers stocked with locally made forest berry shampoos, shower gels, and lotions (oooooh!), is open to passengers with Finnair's platinum and gold cards, as well as frequent flyers of oneworld airlines like American.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor and, in very un-German fashion, hates saunas. Follow her @Sohostyle