This Country Outspends The US on Vacations


Travel might broaden the mind, but it definitely narrows the bank account as well. Even with all the advice out there on how to save some cash while roaming the planet, spending more than you should is just unavoidable sometimes -- Americans spent approximately $104 billion on international tourism in 2013 alone. But which country drops the most dough on international jaunts?

Well, thanks to the World Tourism Organization's 2015 "Tourism Highlights" study, we've got the answer. Among other dizzying data points like the forecasted number of international tourists in 2030 (1.8 billion!), the study revealed the 10 countries that spent the most on international tourism in 2014.

Chinese tourists dwarfed the competition for the number one spot, spending an unreal $164.9 billion -- outspending the second-place Americans ($110.8 billion) by close to 50%. To be fair, though, China's does have a billion more citizens than the US, so that probably tips things in their favor. Germany took third place with $92.2 billion, meanwhile, although it had the highest per-capita expenditure of any country on the list ($1,137).

Check out the full top 10 below:

10Brazil ($25.6 billion)
9. Australia ($26.3 billion)
8. Italy ($28.8 billion)
7. Canada ($33.8 billion)
6. France ($47.8 billion)
5. Russian Federation ($50.4 billion)
4. United Kingdom ($57.6 billion)
3. Germany ($91.4 billion)
2. United States ($110.8 billion)
1. China ($164.9 billion)

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