Rejoice: United Airlines Is Giving Out Free Booze in Coach Again

The "Mad Men" days of smoking and drinking on planes seem as long gone as **SPOILER ALERT** any of Don Draper's marriages. No more smokes, and you gotta shell out for your booze. And while smoking's not coming back anytime soon (thankfully), the drinks are about to flow again on United Airlines -- when the airline begins offering free booze to passengers in coach.
Starting June 1, you won’t have to be rolling in first class to sip on free drinks. United will serve free beer and wine to all economy-class passengers on flights to Europe, Asia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. United's international flights are going for the mullet approach: business in the front, party in the back.
United hasn't specified what type of beer and wine it'll serve, but hey, free beer and wine is the best beer and wine. The new beverage package is part of a total upgrade of economy-class meals on United's fleet. The airline's also implementing an improved multi-course meal service and snack expansion. Which you'll definitely appreciate after a few brewskis.
And considering you've chosen to fly coach to someplace as far away as China or the tip of South America, chances are you'll need a couple of drinks.

Kara King is a Thrillist intern and SoCal native. She is still trying to make sense of this strange, worldwide phenomenon called “weather.” Follow her attempts to live without all that sunshine at @karatillie.