US airports that still allow smoking

Regardless of your smoking status, the stress of air travel's enough to drive anyone to scramble for a cigarette. But what’s a smoker to do when airport light-up lounges are rarer than free checked bags and upgrades? Book flights through one of these seven airports that -- with at least one designated smoking area each -- will accommodate his nicotine needs.

7. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
The world's busiest airport ensures travelers from countries where smoking indoors is still the norm are catered for; there're at least two smoking lounges in each of their many concourses. A few for quick reference: Concourse B7, B24, C15, C28, D5, D7, E8, E17, and E30. If you're looking for a beer with your butt, head to the Heineken Bar & Grill in the center of Concourse A. Note: as the 10th most delayed airport in the country, it might be worth reading up on airside food and drink options, as well as places to crash if you're stuck overnight.

6. Denver International Airport
Despite the fact that Mesa Verde (an awesome Mexican restaurant with a fireplace and free Wi-Fi) is no longer smoking-friendly, the Smokin’ Bear Smoking Lounge is on the C gates -- just note there’s a $5 drink minimum to enter (which shouldn't be hard to make). This is another great airport if you're stranded overnight, so read up on the restos and sleeping spots before you go.

5. Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport
Assuming you're stressed about the Bengals' playoff chances and need to relax with a smoke, you're in luck; a third Graycliff Lounge just opened this Summer near gate B11, and -- in addition to selling cigarettes and cigars (…and chocolate and coffee, oh my) -- their $6 fee includes a beverage.

Vegas Airport
Paul Lowry

4. McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
Not in any way surprising considering where you are, smoking/ slot machine areas are abundant at McCarran. Light up in Terminal 1 above baggage claim, in the Great Hall near Terminal D, and between gates E1 and E14 in Terminal 3. And to pair a drink with that smoke, head to the Budweiser Racing Track Bar & Grill by gate C7. You can also sleep it off before you fly if you're over-served.

3. Tampa International Airport
Tampa's one of the only airports in the country that lets you grab some fresh air whilst smoking (oh, the irony), without having to check back through security. There're a handful of smoking patios at Airside A, C, E, and F. You can even bring regular lighters (non-torch) and matches through security. We've also rated Tampa one of the best airports for beer snobs.

2. Washington Dulles International Airport
As if John Boehner would ever work in a city that didn't allow for airport smoke breaks, Dulles boasts lounges throughout -- specifically, across from gates B37, C2, and D30. (It's also got some great eat-n-drink options.)

1. Nashville International Airport
Offering the chance to relive the glory days of smoky country-western bars (without, thankfully, the country-western music), Nashville’s Graycliff Cigar Company, located near gates B-10 and C-10, will have you puffing away for as little as four bucks.