German vagina sculpture births/ entraps American exchange student

Yes, another American exchange student seems to have done what Americans abroad do best: embarrass themselves.

In an attempt to get closer to lady parts than -- judging from the picture -- he's ever been, a 20-year-old unnamed exchange student accidentally wedged himself inside a giant marble vagina sculpture on Friday. The work of art by Fernando de la Jara, which sits in front of Germany's Tübingen University Institute for Microbiology and Virology, is named Chacán-Pi (Making Love) and is meant to represent a “gateway into the world”. The student climbed inside the enormous vajayjay after making a bet with friends, and one could say that he got himself in too deep.

fire dept
Imgur/Erick Guzman

While no C-section was required (lucky for the student, since the sculpture’s valued at around $173,000), it was a tough birth regardless; allegedly, it took 22 firemen to deliver the boy. One of them joked to the local paper that the delivery took about 30 minutes, but was completed successfully by hand, no forceps required.

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