Weekly Deal Rundown

Every week, Thrillist bravely wades through the murky depths of the internet to bring you only the most pristine travel-deal gems. From island getaways to cross-continental yacht trips, each deal has been hand-picked and vetted by our trusted editors to ensure that no matter which adventure you decide, it'll always be most excellent.

Jade Mountain Package for Two Travelers

Jutting out above the tropical treeline of Soufrière, St. Lucia is Jade Mountain. Consistently praised as being one of the best hotels in the world, it's offering up a pretty solid deal: two nights in a Moon Infinity Pool Sanctuary with a 650sqft private pool, ocean view, and breakfast & dinner for two each day.

These views are phenomenal, check 'em out!

Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort & Spa

Looking for a Jamaican adults-only getaway chock-full of poolside cocktail bars, teppanyaki chefs, and robust mahogany-filled rooms with ocean and mountain views? Well, that's weirdly specific, but luckily Jewel Dunn's got you covered with four nights of that for less than a mere $400 per person. Yeah, we're serious.

The area surrounding the resort is booming with crazy-cool waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and vivid coral reefs... get all the deets here.

The Hidden Trail to Machu Picchu - Salkantay Route Trek

Embark on a week-long trip to Peru where you'll hike the little-known Salkantay Trail, and all along the way, hang out with some local farmers, sleep three nights under the stars, and finally end up at the astounding Machu Picchu. There's also a guinea pig farm involved.

You know you want to find out just what the hell happens at a guinea pig farm. Get that, plus the full itinerary over at

Constance Moofushi

Though it sounds like the made-up name of a fake girlfriend that your friend once claimed he had, Constance Moofushi is actually a pretty awesome island off the South Ari Atoll in the Maldives. With this top-notch deal you'll be afforded all your food & drinks (booze included!), access to all snorkeling equipment, and lagoon-adjacent spa use to really treat yo'self... and, er, Ms. Moofushi.

Be sure to hurry -- this deal is ending very, VERY soon. Book it now!

Bamboo Tree House Living & Surf in Puerto Rico

This one's pretty self-explanatory -- head to the surf-heavy city of Rincon, Puerto Rico to paddle out into some world-class waves, where you'll undoubtedly shred the gnar, before retiring to a towering three-story tree house complete with solar electricity and hot water (which is apparently a perk?).

Minimum group size is four, max is eight. Grab some buds pronto and get to waxing those shred sticks!