Too drunk to fly? Not this guy!

An easyJet flight from Malta to Manchester was in for something awful when a 52yr-old drunk got unruly. After making everyone feel even more uncomfortable than economy seating already did, dude was lulled into some sort of short-lived anger hibernation when the captain came out to talk to him, because upon landing, he just lost it.
After exiting onto the tarmac, the unruly passenger took off his shirt and reportedly shouted "come on then" at the pilot, in an effort to entice him into a fight. When that didn't work, he did the next most logical thing: get completely naked and yell more. That resulted in a firm slap across the face from the lady he was traveling with. In order to redeem himself, and recover whatever was left of his lost masculinity, the man proceeded to mark his territory and urinated on a wall.

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Once he finally clued into the fact that yelling naked on the tarmac won't get you what you want, our protagonist makes his way into the airport, only to be met by the police -- and their tasers. Check out the edited vid of this guy, dropping trou and bellowing out a challenge to the pilot.