Watch This Volcano Erupt in a Crazy Pyrotechnic Show

Published On 03/03/2015 Published On 03/03/2015

Unless you’ve roasted marshmallows over a lava lake or dipped your toes into liquid hot maaaagma, the closest most people ever get to a volcano eruption includes baking soda and a middle school science fair. But people in southern Chile were rattled by the real thing at around 3am local time, when a series of explosions from Villarrica volcano sent balls of fire skyward that were visible for hundreds of miles.

The 20-minute lava fest resulted in the evacuation of approximately 3,400 residents on the outskirts of the city of Temuco. And with a red alert declared by officials, police squads have beefed up to prevent crime, while roads have been blocked off for safety.

Though the volcano has been simmering for weeks, with increased activity and even earthquakes, Villarrica’s last major eruption came in 1971. If there's further volcanic activity, some 20,000 more people in the area could be packing their bags to stay safe.

Check out some more photos of the volcano's incredible fire show:

And watch the video from the Daily Mail to witness the magma marvel for yourself... you know, without having to risk certain death.

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