Virgin America's sexy new boarding pass actually fits in your pocket

Boarding passes are stupid. They don't fit in passports, or pockets, or wallets. And by the time you hand over your dog-eared, crumpled document to a clerk behind the check-in desk, you're bound to get a disapproving sneer.

Well, everyone's favorite airline Virgin America is finally offering the simple solution in the form of a sexy, fold-friendly boarding pass. The document includes personal details, flight number, departure and arrival time, gate and terminal, along with the cabin and seat allocation. And it fits right into your back pocket, because that makes sense, and it's ridiculous no airline has done this before.

"We know you fold up your boarding pass. We do it too. So we designed one that has all your info right where you need it", Virgin says on its sleek new website. This all comes as part of the airline's initiative to make booking "a cagillion times better", which includes the site optimized for desktops and smartphones. "We revamped our storefront to make for a faster, smoother, and more intuitive booking experience", Virgin says.

Check out the genius folding boarding pass below.