Which countries require Americans to get a visa before they fly?

Fearless enough that our article on everything in Australia that's trying to kill you inspired you to book a flight Down Under? That's great, but did you realize you need to apply for a visa before you go? Well, you do. And though you might be able to guess some countries (like Cuba) are hard for Americans to visit, there're also some innocuous, popular destinations that won't let you in without a stamp in your passport or a completed online application.

Check out VisaMapper, a handy site that answers the “do I need to do anything special to visit a certain place, and how, exactly, do I jump through the right hoops” questions you've got -- and can minimize the embarrassment of heading home on the exact same plane you just spent 17hrs on to get to India or China (it happens every day). Plus, it lets you scoff at lesser countries (tell it you've got a Yemeni passport and watch as the world closes its doors).