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By Bill Hanson

Whether you hire a guide or take off on your own, the Adventure of a Lifetime awaits you. OK that sounds super cheesy, but in this case it really is true. Click here for the full story...

Mendenhall Glacier Viewpoint | Mike Redwine/Shutterstock
By Bill Hanson

With more trail-miles than road-miles, a hike through Juneau is pretty much obligatory. In the parlance of Miley Cyrus, it's all about the climb -- so here are the best hiking trails loved by locals and visitors alike. Click here for the full story...


Whale tails! Oh my! | John Hyde/Design Pics/Getty
By Kastalia Medrano

When was the last time you got a good look at a whale tail? Yeah, that's what we thought. But fear not -- you’re basically guaranteed to see one (or seven) here. Click here for the full story...

Happy dogs pulling a sled | Courtesy of Alpine Air Alaska
By Kastalia Medrano

Prepare to melt: These are some Very Good Sled Dogs. Plz hug many puppies for us. (No mammals were harmed in the making of this destination guide, we swear.) Click here for the full story...

eat and drink

A light lunch | Courtesy of Pucker Wilson's
By Erin Heist

In Juneau, saying “fresh fish” is redundant because there is no other kind (Farm to fork? Sea to silverware? Water to waiter?). This is a town of creative, opinionated chefs whose ingredients are as wild as the nightlife. Click here for the full story…

juneau 101

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All The Best Ways To Explore Juneau, Alaska's Breathtaking Capital

Surrounded by mountains and water, Juneau, Alaska is mesmerizing to take in on foot, bike, or jeep tour.

where to stay

Cruiser Rhapsody of the Sea by Hubbard Glacier | Jan Greune/LOOK-foto/Getty
By Kastalia Medrano

By far the most popular, convenient way to soak up all the splendor of the 49th state is by sea. It’s just a matter of picking the right cruise for you. Click here for the full story...