It doesn't get pimper than this

Since a W in front of hotel is pretty much the equivalent of Dr. in front of a name, it's not surprising the W South Beach brings it with a mecca of ridiculous suites, swank eateries, Ferrari's out front, and beach-side bottle service. The lobby's a labyrinth of fancy chairs. How baller you are is directly related to your room choice, which range from balcony-equipped dual-level penthouses with insane private rooftop pools. Either option provides access to WET: sick pools (yes, plural) where hot waitresses will supply you with cocktails, misters, and frozen towels.They'll frozen towel you beach-side, too. NYC transplant The Dutch is right next to lobby bar The Living Room, and expands into the gardens, but there's really only one thing you need to remember about this place...... and that would be these fried Blue Point oyster sliders.