Sip whiskey and spy on the Pres

The W Washington DC is "where Italian Renaissance meets modern cool", but instead of awesome mutant reptiles with knowledge of ninjutsu, it has 317 tech-enabled rooms, J&G Steakhouse, and the ridiculously panoramic POV Roof terrace.Underneath this mammoth hotel sits the semi-secret Wine bar, which has a white marble top, stainless steel accents, and a great selection of old and new world vinos. Go figure.Just steps above the WB sits J&G Steakhouse, an upscale American joint that will make for a "truly multi-partisan experience."If you splurge on the Marvelous Suite, you'll find yourself lounging in that bathrobe whilst putting your iPhone into the docking station that "keeps your favorite tunes playing all night long". It's Brittany, B*tch!The POV bar is where you should spend the majority of your time, as the interior has spectacular views of the Washington Monument and unreasonably high-backed chairs.Right outside lies a terrace provides White House views and seasonal 'tails like the Rock And Rye, a blend of whiskey, Jamaican dark rum, citrus, and spices you can drink until it's lights out, whether those lights belong to the hotel or you.