This Site Can Get You Last-Minute Travel Deals Under $10

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It's only Tuesday. Already you've been chewed out by your boss, endured a hellacious traffic jam, and had a fight with your roommate that simply cannot be solved via passive-aggressive Post-it note. What you need, pal, is to get the heck outta town.

If you're down to party like it's 1945 and enjoy the majesty of a train or bus, you need to know about Wanderu. Similar to Kayak, this search engine pulls hundreds of routes, schedules, operators, and prices for ground travel. And for spontaneous last-minute getaways, especially of the cheap-as-possible variety, the site's new Explore feature is incredibly useful -- and even a little addictive. 

Seriously, as I write this, I can take a bus to Philadelphia tomorrow for $1. That's how insane these deals are.

Lounge car on Amtrak

Cure your wanderlust, even on a tight budget

If you're young, broke, and/or deathly afraid of flying -- but still want to go SOMEWHERE -- this is your new jam. "We got a lot of questions from people asking, 'How can I find tickets REALLY cheap, like a dollar, or $5,'" said Staffo Dobrev, Wanderu's founder. "So I wanted to create a platform where people could find cheap deals, based on their location."

On Wanderu's Explore page, enter the city you're departing from, the day you want to leave, and how much you're willing to spend. Wanderu serves up all the places you can go for the least amount of money. Click on a destination and you'll see a breakdown of the various bus and train options, both by fastest route and cheapest price. And Wanderu doesn't even charge a fee to book, it's just nice like that.

Now, will you always be able to find a ticket for a buck? Of course not. A lot of it depends on where you are and when you're trying to go. Also, as much as we love the scenic dreaminess of railway travel, it stands to reason that the cheaper trips will be by bus.

"Depending on location there are different options," said Dobrev. "But in New York there are a lot of possibilities for under $10. Type in Boston or LA and you're able to find deals right then and there for under $10 for a day trip somewhere."

Not that a weekend getaway will solve all your problems, but if you want to recharge, see something different for a while, and escape whatever it is that's stressing you out, you don't need a lot of money to do it. Just a good excuse for leaving work early.

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Matt Meltzer is a staff writer with Thrilist who's always down for a bus trip. Follow him on Instagram @meltrez1.