Be a VIP everywhere you stay

If Pretty Woman taught you anything, it was that prostitution can have more than one kind of happy ending. But if it taught you another thing, it was that big shots and hookers with hearts of gold receive way better treatment than you at swanky hotels. Fortunately, the VIP treatment is about to fall all over you like Hector Elizondo, thanks to Want Me Get Me. Just now in beta, WMGM's a members-only hotel-booking service that puts average schmoes paying regular rates on the GM's A-list, nabs them free WiFi, and grants them any avail room upgrades upon check-in at some of the country's top luxe accommodations, including names like Mondrian, Thompson, Trump, Gansevoort, Howard, and Johnson. No wait, definitely not Howard Johnson.To book a room through the site, members need only plug in their city & travel dates, pick an additional comp'd amenity (gratis cocktails, spa credit, valet service...), and peruse the affiliated hotels willing to throw in said perk, proving Julia Roberts isn't the only beautiful thing willing to wh*re itself out for some extra cash.