Extreme skier shreds ridiculous mountain chute

And you thought the black diamonds at Wachusetts were scary. 

In yet another one of those crazy-ass Red Bull videos featuring dudes whose brains somehow don't register fear, professional skier Cody Townsend drops pretty much STRAIGHT F*****G DOWN a crevice in Alaska's Tordrillo Mountains. And somehow, despite almost clipping the rock on one side, he effortlessly skis the line and squirts out unscathed through a narrow opening at the bottom. Think Millennium Falcon escaping the Death Star. Or that worm-thing.

You have to see it to believe it. And you can, right here...

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. On a skiing trip in northern Italy, her ski instructor nicknamed her "disaster". Follow her at ground level on Instagram and Twitter at @ChloePantazi.