Watch Insane People Zoom Down a 35ft Natural Slip 'N Slide Waterfall

Published On 08/04/2015 Published On 08/04/2015

You know what beats a Slip 'N Slide in your backyard? A natural Slip 'N Slide, in the form of a 35ft-tall waterfall.  

A video posted by adventurer Devin Supertramp shows him and his completely insane friends sliding down said natural Slip 'N Slide, located in Lynn Canyon Park in British Columbia, Canada.

Of course, this looks like a seriously terrible idea -- mainly because there's nothing underneath them, so their bare skin is hitting what we would assume are rocks, and also, it seems like it would be pretty easy to get knocked out if you made a bad turn. However... it is undeniably cooler than any backyard sliding you've ever done (and yes, that includes your games of Slip 'N Slide flip cup). 

Dream big! (Or don't. Again, this looks terrifying.)

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