Watch Niagara Falls Refuse to Stop Even Though It's Frozen


Absurd freezing temperatures in the Northeastern US have been so harsh this week (How harsh are they?), that a staggering 85% of Niagara Falls has frozen solid. That's led to an incredible ice show... but the massive water flow can't be stopped by mere ice. It can only hope to be contained.

Looking like something out of The Day After Tomorrow, the water’s still blasting through beneath a snow-capped surface and cascading down sheets of ice, despite the -13 degree weather. And despite the polar-vortex-level temperatures, tourists are flocking to the falls like moths to a flame. Except this flame is is a gigantic, frozen waterfall.

To witness the snowy spectacle for yourself, check out this video from NBC that was shot by a drone. And maybe prepare for the Apocalypse.