Overweight luggage fees? Not with this self-weighing suitcase.

If you can't carry it, don't pack it; that's the golden rule.

And to help you follow it: This new self-weighing suitcase that displays exactly how heavy your bag is before you're even finished stuffing it full of stone pestle and mortars, or polished limestone ballerina figurines, or whatever incredibly bulky souvenir you impulsively bought at some market before thinking, "Oh crap, how the hell am I going to get this home?".

Unlike other self-weighing bags that don't register a weight until they're zipped closed, the TUL Thustrelie smart suitcase has a built-in scale and base-level sensors to conveniently show you how much its contents weigh as you're packing, displaying the pounds/kilos on a small LED screen in the shell and ensuring you never pay extra fees for overweight luggage at check-in again. 

The brainchild of Brisbane-based company, the hardy case -- which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter -- is also weather-resistant and waterproof, and comes with a velcro-close protective jacket, TSA-approved lock, and plenty of internal pockets for extra storage.

Provided the suitcase meets its $84,000 (or $95,000 AUD) goal by October 5, backers can buy theirs in December for just over $200. It's set to retail to the public next May.

Find out more about the TUL suitcase in the video below, and make your pledge here.