Working in Tokyo Is Pure Insanity

Published On 03/03/2015 Published On 03/03/2015

If you thought Dolly Parton had it tough working 9 to 5 (you know, 'cause of all takin' and no givin') then get a load of this dude in Japan. 

Stu, a British expat living in Tokyo, filmed his daily routine for a week as a nondescript "Salary Man" (it's clear he's in financial services) --  logging how many hours he spent working versus sleeping. As the week dragged on, things became ever so depressing, and by Saturday Stu had worked 78 hours while sleeping only 35 hours. We know, there're like a thousand just-out-of-college investment bankers in Manhattan crying a river for Stu right now. But, whatever.

Between work and sleep, our intrepid documentarian/financier manages to eat granola after midnight (for dinner!), work out, shower, and even prepare lunch for the next day. Seriously, it's riveting. OK, we're being too tough on Stu, as this insane schedule is apparently common for many white collar professionals working in Tokyo. Which is pretty nuts. 

Watch Stu's misery for yourself below, and then the next time you start complaining about how crazy work is, watch it again!



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