N evada straight doesn't give a fuck. The state gave away its last one in 1931 as the local mining- and railroad-driven economy was shriveling and politicians, desperate, rolled the dice on legal gambling. Soon to follow were the most liberal divorce laws in the country. Not long after, once the country repealed Prohibition, booze was available 24 hours a day. Satisfied that it would go ahead and lead the charge straight to hell, the state then legalized prostitution. The Mob, knowing a good thing when they saw one, invented the Strip, a garish monument to poor impulse control. 
So what do you get when you visit the Silver State these days? Freedom, man. Freedom.
When the world wants to escape the grind of 21st-century life, Nevada awaits with open arms (and knees), brimming shot glasses, plus a dose of adrenaline. If you have a vice you want to try while you're here, or a piece of this madcap history you want to touch, you're free to loosen your wallet, your belt, and your fraying grasp on reality in America’s frontier fantasyland. Step up to the things you can't get away with anywhere but here.
Pioneer Saloon | Darrell Craig Harris
Area 51 Alien center | Sacramento Bee/Contributor/Tribune News Service/Getty Images
Neon Boneyard | provided by The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada
insanity at the stratosphere | George Rose/Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment
Champagne's | Champagnes
Dig This Las Vegas | courtesy of digthisvegas.com
Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame Museum | Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images
Sunbuggy Fun Rentals | Sunbuggy
Mob Museum | Mob Museum
Rhyolite and Goldwell Open Air Art Museum | Richard T. Stephens
Adventure Combat Ops | Adventure Combat Ops
slotzilla | Fremont Street Experience