Where to Watch Friday's Solar Eclipse

Published On 03/19/2015 Published On 03/19/2015

March 20 marks not only the first day of spring, but a bunch of celestial events aligning at the same time: there's a Supermoon, meaning a full moon when it's closest to Earth in its orbit, and therefore larger than normal, and on top of THAT, there's a solar eclipse. Somewhere, moon-worshippers are rejoicing. Although one thing's for sure: they won't be doing it in the US.

In fact, Denmark's Faroe Islands and Norway's Svalbard islands will be the only places with unobstructed views of the moon blocking the sun, which last happened in Nov. 2013. Countries in northern Asia, northern Africa, and all over Europe could also get to see up to 99% of the eclipse.

And though chances are you’re not reading this in the Faroe Islands right now (if you are, please send pics), you can still watch the once-in-more-than-a-blue-moon event via observatory site tomorrow from 4:30am EST. So set your alarm! Or just stay up for last call and have a super weird trip home.

Or, you know, you can wait until August 2017, when the next total eclipse will hit the US. Your choice!



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