Spend the night in North Portland's haunted brothel

Harking back to a time in PDX when throwing money at women would actually lead them to sleep with you, White Eagle was built in 1905 as a hotel/brothel before being converted into a boutique hotel and rock venue, where the only remaining prostitutes are the spirits that supposedly still proposition patrons. If you meet a transparent woman named "Rosa", ask for the special. The environs are industrial, but rooms come stocked with plush beds that thankfully weren't held over from the brothel days. White Eagle is actually also a popular saloon that pours beers and spirits made by pub conglomerate McMenamins. Outside lies garden seating where you can drink, dine, and generally kick it around a fire pit featuring this crazy iron sculpture of the company's Hammerhead Pale Ale mascot. The Eagle also features nightly rock, blues, soul, and bluegrass shows from many a Portland mainstay, but if you aren't in the mood then wander offsite to any of the nearby mixology bars, the Widmer brewery, or the Rose Garden to watch the Blazers lose.