This Tour of Fiji Shows Off Exactly Why You Need to Get Out There Right Now

We teamed up with Clint Johnston (@triphackr) to find out what Fiji has to offer to tourists from around the world. Instead of making you a long list of cool stuff, we'd rather show you. Actually, we'd rather Clint show you. So check out the four videos below for everything you can partake in when you visit Fiji, from shark adventures in the ocean to muddy ATV tours to pristine golf courses and just about everything else in between.

Flavors of Fiji is here to teach you how to cook like a local. After that, it's off to the market to see where all of the ingredients come from. It doesn't get any more authentic than that. This portion of the trip winds down with a truly lip-numbing Kava Ceremony.

If you've always wanted to know what swimming with sharks is like but never wanted to actually, ya know, risk your life, let Clint do it for you with the crew at South Sea Cruise. After that, nothing should phase you -- even a river ride full of hairpin turns in a speedboat with Sigatoka River Safari.

After flying out there on Fiji Airways, Clint kicked his trip off by flying both through the air with Zip Fiji and through the mud on a four wheeler during a Play Dirty ATV tour with Westside Motorbikes. After cleaning up, it was time to unwind with a quick nine at Natadola Bay golf course. After the round, Clint transitioned from golf cart to chopper, getting a helicopter's eye view of Fiji's surrounding islands via Island Hoppers.

Many of the world's most exclusive restaurants are hard to get into -- but nothing like this. Fiji's Cloud 9 is a 30-minute speedboat trip into the middle of the ocean. Between the food, the drinks, and the ability to belly flop directly into the sea from right next to your table after you eat, it's worth the trip with Sea Fiji. Surfing and snorkeling with a sea scooter are also on the table during a tour of Fiji's other beachside towns.