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Here’s Why You Should Be Partying in San Diego

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A true West Coast nightlife hotspot, San Diego has the experts to help make the most out of your time before sunup. Watch as the city’s DJ Schoeny and DJ Ayla Simone walk you through a night out on the town, from fresh cocktails at a secret basement lounge to fist-bumpingly heavy bass at the black-lit clubs that are making San Diego a major player in the nightlife world.
San Diego’s nightlife thrives from neighborhood to neighborhood, but downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter is definitely the heart of the city’s sundown adventures. It’s a stretch of 16 very walkable blocks with 180 restaurants, 50 bars and 10 premier nightclubs. You’ll get a San Diego education but you don’t need a diploma to figure out that it’s all about playing on the beach all day and partying all night.

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