Old Farmer's Almanac Predicts a Cold and Snowy Winter... AKA, Winter

Published On 08/18/2015 Published On 08/18/2015

In this modern age of CD Discmans and Nintendo Power Gloves, most of us don't have much use for almanacs anymore (unless they're of the Grays Sports variety). Still, the Old Farmer's Alamanac has come out with a new edition every year since 1792, updating us on useful information for the coming year -- y'know, like tide tables, planting charts, and, of course, weather predictions.

This year's forecast? Better batten down the hatches, 'cause according to the Old Farmer's Almanac for 2016, we're in for a cold, snow-filled winter. So, in other words... we're in for winter. Great prediction, guys.

Considering how hit-or-miss modern weather prediction can be, it's only natural to question the accuracy of a broad-strokes weather forecast that's made months in advance. Indeed, the Old Farmer's Almanac tabulates its weather predictions using a "secret formula" first developed by its founder, Robert B. Thomas. It's basically like if Scientology became an almanac instead of a religion. What's not to trust?

The Old Farmer's Almanac likes to boast high accuracy for its weather forecasts, saying "our results are almost always very close to our traditional claim of 80 percent" -- possibly the hedgiest statement ever. In reality, though, their picks have ranged from occasionally accurate to wildly off the mark, which is exactly what you'd expect from something called the "Old Farmer's Almanac."

Maybe just check your phone instead.

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