Woman Flying to Rochester Ends Up in Barbados, Would Rather Be in Rochester


After a harsh winter, plenty of people dream of escaping to a white sand beach on a tropical island. But for one passenger on the way to Rochester, NY, who accidentally flew to Barbados, everyone else's dream was somehow her nightmare.

Azizgul Hussainzada booked a JetBlue flight from California's Oakland International Airport to Rochester, NY, making a connection at New York's JFK Airport. But after Hussainzada, who doesn’t speak English, asked for boarding assistance at Oakland, she was incorrectly guided toward a Caribbean-bound flight. And she did it all without a boarding pass or passport!

On landing in the Caribbean, Hussainzada was understandably flummoxed. “When she got off in Barbados, she thought that she was in Rochester,” her son, Noorullah Maqsoodi told CBS News. “And she was like, what happened to Rochester? This looks a lot different.” Um, yeah.

When Hussainzada's family contacted JetBlue to find out where she was, concerned she didn’t have her diabetes medicine, the airline said that she was in JFK waiting for her connecting flight. Which obviously wasn’t true. This is the most Bugs Bunny, wrong-turn-at-Albuquerque story imaginable.

After sorting the mess out, the airline jettisoned Hussainzada back to Rochester, and fully refunded her ticket. JetBlue additionally vowed to review its boarding protocol after the mishap.

It should also investigate why anyone would rather be in Rochester than Barbados.