Woman Finds Full Bag of Vomit in Airplane Seat-Back Pocket

We all know the seat-back is one of the filthiest spots on the airplane, but here's the proof you never actually asked for: a woman discovered a full vomit bag in her seat-back pocket.

As she explained to CBS Sacramento’s Kurtis Ming, Janet Masters and her husband were on a United Airlines flight back from Hawaii -- where they had been celebrating their anniversary -- when she discovered the spew-filled sack, which had been stuffed into the seat-back pocket and covered up with a blanket. 

It doesn't end there, though, because when she attempted to hand the bag over to a flight attendant, the vomit reportedly leaked out onto the couple's clothes. At this point, not only would uncontrollable screaming by both parties be expected, it'd probably be tolerated as well.

Of course, once she contacted United with her terrible tale, they instantly reimbursed her for the incident, right? Not quite: apparently, it wasn't until CBS reached out that the airline offered the couple $300 worth of credit for a future flight. We can only assume this'll be the next great air travel scam -- planting bags of puke onboard, and turning them into the free flights. 

(h/t TravelPulse)

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