Finally, a hotel package exclusively for... childless women?!


Being a mom's universally acknowledged as the hardest job in the world (unless you ask Bill Burr), but having no kids at all is challenging in its own right: think of all the sleepless nights those poor, infantless women miss out on!

In recognition of their unique journey, The Westin New York Grand Central has teamed up with author Melanie Notkin to offer a special package to childless women everywhere -- but mainly just those in NYC. For a mere $234 per night, all the non-mothers in the city can score the three-night Womanhood Redefined package, which'll include the following:

- a $25 food and drink credit
- personal consultations with both the hotel's executive chef and its Running Concierge (which is a thing, apparently)
- a copy of Notkin's book, Otherhood
- loaned workout gear from New Balance
- a 10 percent discount on classes at the nearby Mang’Oh Yoga Studio
- a complimentary Westin White Tea candle

The food and drink credit's pretty enticing, but it's definitely the White Tea candle that seals the deal.

But more importantly, for the male readers out there (which, hey, normal Thrillist reader), now you know there may or may not be more childless women booking rooms at The Westin New York, which is located at 270 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036. Just sayin'.

To book the totally unique and not-at-all weird Womanhood Redefined package (and why wouldn't you?), head over here.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel. He has no children, but is also not a woman, despite the innumerable PR emails he gets addressing him as “Gianna”. Follow him to gender reassignment on Twitter @gjaccoma.