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Skip town...for a year

Many people dream of moving to another country and working there for a year, but the logistics can be prohibitive, especially for people who are so unmotivated they don't already have a job that would keep them from moving to another country for a year. Doing the dirty work for you: Work Enjoy Australia.

Run by an Aussie and an American, WEA's a just-launched program helping US citizens (between the ages of 18-30) take 12-month work holidays Down Under, dealing with minor details like finding a temp gig, locating rooming, and setting up a bank account, so you can responsibly deposit all of your earnings get free lollipops. Just some of burdens they'll handle:

Work: They'll have you gainfully employed doing anything from tending bar to toiling at a vineyard before you even embark, as nothing bodes better for an economy than a willingness to hire foreigners site unseen.
Taxes: Because you can handle the death part on your own, get gouged by another government without ever lifting your own hands to fill out a Tax File Number application.
Rides: Assistance purchasing a vehicle should you need one, which you won't because they're throwing in "luxury airport transfer"!
Kangaroos: They'll do nothing about kangaroos, but there are tons of them over there.
Miscellaneous: Get hooked up with an AUS cell, gratis mail service & baggage storage, and emergency contact numbers for friends & family, another group of people who've probably dreamed of you moving your unemployed ass to another country.

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