Here's the world’s deepest swimming pool

Getting in too deep usually involves an S.O. who can't let go, or perhaps a speech delivered by Ben Affleck about a pyramid scheme. But in the case of the world's deepest swimming pool, how low you go is straightforward (or straight downward, as the case may be), with the pool bottoming out at a whopping 137ft.

Open only since June, this baby, located inside the Hotel Terme Millepini, in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, is as deep as a 12-story building is high. Which is to say, very deep.

The pool's name, “Y-40, The Deep Joy”, sounds like some sort of dystopian haven, but in fact, the 40 is derived from the number of meters the pool is deep. In yards, that's 42, but Y-42 sounds more like a football play than a pool. 

Regardless, the real-life haven designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto was created with the goal of becoming “the best swimming pool in the world”. Used for dive training, free diving, leisure, aqua fitness, hydro therapy, and research, as well as for professional photography and as a movie set, the pool appears well on its way.

Officially the deepest swimming pool for diving according to Guinness World Records, the structure contains 1,135,939 US gallons of water, and measures 137ft deep.

The pool’s more than 68ft long, 59ft wide, and has an assortment of levels and caves, as well as a transparent tunnel at 16ft in depth that landlubbers can walk through. And the water percolates at a toasty 89 to 93F, allowing for dives without wetsuits.

Check it out here, or take a vicarious dive in the inaugural video below.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor, and convinced she did something bad in a previous life that's cursed her to always fly within three rows of a screaming child. Follow her @Sohostyle