Here's the world's fastest private jet

It's still fairly unclear why the Concorde went the way of the dodo -- after all, it hopped between New York and London in half the time of regular airliners, and, as the saying goes, time is money. Also, rich people don't usually care about money. Well, now there's a replacement to fill the gap in the market: For a paltry $22.95 million, you can buy the brand new Cessna Citation X, the fastest private jet on earth, set to drop later this year.

The Cessna Citation X was certified by the FAA at mach 0.935, or 617 mph, officially making it the "world’s fastest civilian aircraft". Real talk: That means you could fly from New York to LA in around four hours or less. And you don't even have to wonder what kind of crappy food the airline's serving!

Why so fast, you ask? Well, apparently the exaggerated sweepback of this bird's wings makes it faster than Speedy Gonzales. Physics nerds know that means delayed drag and increased performance; for the rest of us, it just means this thing goes fast. Because it was designed to go really fast.

The plane's powerful, titanium-bladed engines are made by a little company you’ve probably heard of called Rolls-Royce. The luxury sky vessel also uses fully integrated avionics, and while we don’t have a clue what that means, it sounds expensive and probably helps the plane be awesome.

Seriously. Just look at this sci-fi bathroom from the future. You can pee here at 600 mph!

But pee in the toilet -- not the sink, weirdo.

Based on this sweet bar, you may not even want to get to your destination so fast. Actually, it's described as a "hand-crafted intercontinental galley", which "holds catering trays and positions fine china, stemware, and cutlery all within easy reach".

Oh yeah, and booze. Lots and lots of booze.

And like a Steve Jobs-ian iPlane or something, it's all touchscreen controls for lighting, window shades, temperature, audio and video, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Which can make things really sexy.

You know, as far as planes go.

That said, what are you doing man? You have a private jet, it's touchscreen everything, and you still have a scroll wheel iPod?

Hand-finished details come standard in this luxurious cabin, which can be completely customized in a selection of hardwoods, metals and leathers. Because a man dropping nearly $23 million on a private plane wants to be sure his neighbors don't have the same one parked in the driveway.

Look at all that space! And those cushy, ergonomically designed seats! Forget armrest wars, recliner battles, thrombosis, Sally climbing over you to pee every half hour -- this is how the other half of the other half lives.

What are you waiting for? You, eight buddies or a cute flight attendant could be swilling champagne and halfway to Vegas right now! Or, you know, reading TheWall Street Journal's Money section. Because, after all, you're gonna need plenty of it to get on this ride.

Pre-order your new wings here.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and is wondering if anybody would like to chip in. Some sort of timeshare could be arranged, no? Follow her @Sohostyle