The Worst Airports in the World, According to Pilots and Flight Attendants

Published On 04/21/2016 Published On 04/21/2016

LaGuardia is just like NYC, cramped and dirty

Tooykrub /

Manila's Ninoy Aquino is a hellhole trapped in a time warp


Kathmandu is a glorified bus station

Flickr/Lord Jim

LAX is way too small for the number of passengers

Flickr/Mats Hagwall

Ryanair has ruined London Stansted

Flickr/Doc Searls

But the worst of all is Paris' Charles de Gaulle

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Matt Meltzer is a staff writer at Thrillist who literally once had a rental car shuttle ride at LAX that was longer than his flight. Follow him on Instagram: @meltrez1.



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