Get behind the wings of these authentic WWII warplanes

two p51 mustangs

Nobody's particularly hungry for WWIII, but plenty of us would relish the opportunity to experience the wonder of flight in an authentic plane from the last Great War. Fortunately, the good ol' USA offers plenty of opportunities to do exactly that, and to facilitate your air ownage, we cobbled together a lineup of WW2 warbirds you can actually fly (or at least fly in) without leaving the States.

P-51 Mustang

Head to Florida, where the folks at Stallion 51 will furnish you with a ride in an original 1944-built model, still bearing the colors of the 48th Fighter Squadron. Hoof it right here.

Texan T-6

Appropriately operating out of Texas, and inappropriately unarmed, these guys will give you a flight in a genuine T-6, used to train pretty much the entire Allied Air Force. Get to training right here.


We don't want to drop a bomb on you or anything, but there's a Flying Fortress touring the country right now that you can buy yourself a seat on. Check their schedule right here.


Hit up Aspen to ride shotgun (note: no actual guns involved) in the only genuine Spitfire giving rides out of the US mainland. It has dual controls, and you'll actually be able to fly it for a while, plus, "some aerobatic maneuvers can be carried out on the flight". Do a barrel roll... this way

Messerschmitt 262

If you wanna play the bad guys for a bit, the Houston-based Collings Foundation will happily help, giving you a go in the world's first operational jet aircraft -- although you need a pilot's license. You villl click here... NOW!!

the p51 mustang
two texan t6's
the b17 flying fortress
the spitfire
the messerschmitt