Yep, another amazing hotel suite built inside a cave

In case the spectacular underground cave suite at the Grand Canyon we told you about last week is booked during your big "Southwest or Bust" Summer road trip, we've got the beat on yet another underground hotel, this time in neighboring New Mexico. 

Check out the single-room Kokopelli Cave Bed and Breakfast, where you can enjoy Flintstone-like fantasies but with all the joys of modern-day living.

Carved into 65-million-year-old sandstone, the Kokopelli Bed and Breakfast is built 70 feet below-ground and 280-feet above the La Plata River, offering glorious views stretching all the way across the Four Corners of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. 

The cave, which can accommodate six people and stays a cozy 72F year-round, was originally intended as an office for a geologist.

The 1,650sqft, fully furnished suite features a fireplace, queen-sized sofa bed, futon, two recliners, and a TV/DVD. There's also a VCR for watching your favorite Alf videos, should you happen to have them in the back of your station wagon.

The cave is laid out in a semicircle around a central pillar, and involves a bit of a hike as well as a ladder climb to reach. When you do, though, it's the rustic Southwestern style, Kokopelli artwork, and dreamcatcher accents that really makes this hole in the ground feel like home. Just not yours. Because dreamcatchers.

Go full caveman and cook up some paleo meals in the kitchen. Fun fact: all items that couldn't be carried in, like, say, the fridge, had to be hoisted in over the cliff.

Upside: thick stone walls and total isolation means you won't hear a peep. Downside: no one will hear you either, which could also be good considering the aforementioned Flintstone-like fantasies. 

Hello, waterfall shower and Jacuzzi.

Finally, there's also a replica kiva, which in Native American Pueblo practices was used for spiritual rituals and religious ceremonies. Try getting one of those in your suite at the Hilton.

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Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, who's had frequent flyer status since her mother gave birth to her in a Lufthansa terminal. Follow her @Sohostyle